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Massage Therapies to Share! One day this will be safe again.

We can't offer any holistic therapy teaching until the situation is safer.

We offer much more than simply holiday accommodation in Cadiz!

Casa Valdespino has its own holistic therapist with over 10 years' experience of teaching massage, beauty treatments and Reiki. She offers a choice of one-day and half-day workshops on massage, beauty and holistic therapies to share with your partner and family.

Holistic Massage for Couples and Families (195 euros for the whole day - two people)

Would you like to know how to give a relaxing body massage to your partner? Would they like to improve their technique when massaging you?

Book this Holistic Massage for Couples and Families workshop along with your holiday rental or when you arrive in Grazalema! You will discover how to give a wonderful body massage safely to your partner. The day is informal, relaxed and skill-based. You will learn to give a confident and effective basic massage routine for your partner.

We focus on massage for the arms, legs, shoulders and back, and the feet and hands are included too. During the course you will learn how to warm up the body and get the circulation going, to relax both the muscles and the mind. Therapeutic strokes encourage the deeper muscle tissues to release built-up tension, stress and toxins, thus enabling deeper relaxation.

You will learn about the natural carrier oils used in massage, and how to blend them to suit your partner's skin type. Learn how to use essential oils safely to bring another dimension to your massage. We will also look at massage lotion and creams too, useful for dry hands and feet!

Massage is wonderful for decreasing stress and uplifting spirits. This couples massage workshop is dedicated to teaching one or both of you how to help relieve each other’s aches and pains. This is an ideal way to spend some quality time together. We only ever teach one couple at a time in our own private therapy space, so you will be completely comfortable.

You will receive comprehensive documentation to take home, and notes for a great full body massage routine. Have fun and learn something new!

PLEASE NOTE: this workshop is not suitable if you are pregnant or think you may be.

Reflexology for Couples and Families, 195 euros for the whole day (2 people)

Reflexology is a treatment you can share easily with your partner, with your friends and with your children too! You can even work on your own feet and hands to bring relaxation and harmony.

This one-day workshop is for couples and you will be the only people on the course on that day. It is a lovely chance to spend time together, sharing a wonderful way to improve your sense of well-being and balance.

You will learn how to give a basic reflexology treatment to the whole foot, including massage and work on specific reflex points to bring balance and optimum function to the energies of the organs and tissues of the body. The treatment is deeply relaxing, and you will use beautiful natural balms to carry out your sessions.

The workshop includes:

Preparing the feet for reflexology - foot pamper
Basic foot massage techniques to warm up the foot
Reflex points to release stress, tension and toxins
Reflexology balms and how to find them
Using reflexology with your children - some dos and don'ts

You will receive a full set of course notes to help you use your reflexology skills when you get home, and an attendance certificate to remind you of your day.

This workshop is a good way to learn the basics of reflexology to use at home. It's also a good way to experience the therapy if you are thinking of taking a professional course.

Reiki Level One (Shoden) - for couples, friends and family - 195 euros for the whole day (2 people)!

Our holistic therapist is a Reiki Master Teacher trained in both Western and Japanese styles of Reiki. She has been teaching for over ten years, and this workshop is for you and your partner or friend. At this first level of Reiki, we learn how to treat ourselves and others in a relaxed way, and during this workshop you will learn a self-treatment routine as well as how to offer Reiki to your partner.

Many people also give Reiki to their pets, and to their plants and gardens too. Remember that if an animal has symptoms you must seek veterinary help.

Reiki is a gentle way of sharing energy, and it aids relaxation and self-healing. It isn't a substitute for medical treatment, but it can help people deal with the stresses of life and that may include living through the process of receiving medical care. If you or your loved ones have symptoms, then get qualified medical help as well as sharing Reiki.

Anyone can learn Reiki as it takes no special gifts, just training and attunement. Our teacher has taught Reiki to people of all backgrounds.

Reiki 1 is an introductory course and on completion of your workshop you will be able to treat yourself, friends and family. The workshop explores what Reiki is, its history and how to treat yourself and others. You will receive attunements, which means that your teacher shares Reiki with you and prepares you to offer Reiki to others.

Some students learn just this level of Reiki and find it a blessing in their daily lives as well as a good way to help their families and loved ones.

During the Reiki 1 course we look at the background and history of Reiki and focus on the Japanese and Buddhist roots of this beautiful practice. You will learn lots of fascinating facts about the life of Dr Usui, the founder, and about Buddhist and Japanese meditation, mindfulness and healing. You will hear the wonderful story about how Reiki made the journey from Japan to western countries and how Reiki has grown in its homeland.

You will learn how to work on your own healing needs. The Reiki standard hand positions are demonstrated and we practise together until you are confident with them. We explore methods of connecting to Reiki, and you will learn techniques such as hatsurei ho, gassho, the 'Reiki shower' and much more. During the course you will receive several Reiki empowerments and attunements and will have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings.

When you are ready, we start working with each other. You will learn to focus on your intuition and feel the movement of energy (Byosen) which tells you where and how to place your hands. There is time for discussion and reflection. We take the time to meditate and explore our own experiences with Reiki.

Course Content:

Reiki History and background
Reiki Principles
Reiki Attunements
Reiju Empowerments
Details of Reiki Lineages
Hatsurei Ho Routine
Self-healing meditation
Hayashi self-healing positions
Treating others
Standard Reiki hand positions
Byosen and intuitive healing
Chakra Meditation

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